The followings are examples of eLearning materials showing how different components are aligned to fit in a module.

Aboriginal Health Sample

This module is designed in three sections for the past, present and future of aboriginal people. This example is a brief of the original module.

Biomed & Fetalink

This module has three individual sections for medical devices that are being used by beiomed technicians.


This module describes how to use FormFast as an external application connected to PowerChart.

IVIG infusion

This module helps to learn how to order a course of IVIG treatment for neurological indications.

Navigating PowerChart

This module describes the foundations to work with PowerChart. 

Pain Management Pump Manual

This module is an online manual for a medical device.

Pain Management Pump Simulation

This module is designed and developed to practice pump programming in a safe virtual environment.

Photography Basic Principles

This module describes the foundations of photography: shutter speed, aperture and ISO.